SFN 2009 – so much to see

I apologize for my lack of updates lately.  It turns out that trying to actively learn things and socially interact with other scientists while also reporting on new findings, etc, is extremely difficult.  Though this isn’t exactly what I believe SFN Interactive had planned, I think I’m going to try and only post brief updates for the remainder of the conference (especially on my twitter) and then work on several in-depth posts on cool findings when I return.  I could rush through some things this week while waiting for talks to start, etc, but I’d prefer to give the presenters a good write-up, something I’m not completely confident I could do in a very short time period.  I have no idea how other Neurobloggers are able to keep up – I’m completely overwhelmed, and I still feel like I’m not seeing that much of the conference.

The first day (Saturday) I was presenting all afternoon, which left me too exhausted to return until Sunday around 11.  Since then, I’ve been hanging out at the Theme F poster sessions – these have been unbelievable.  I’ve also attended a large number of the large lectures (including Elizabeth Spelke, Richard Morris, Steven Laureys, Francis Collins, and May-Britt Moser), all of which have been quite enlightening.

Poster highlights thus far include the entire perceptual decision-making session this morning, a poster on a beautiful new tool for controlling social stimuli (truly an incredibly creative idea), a nice poster on neuroimaging children with William’s Syndrome by Dr Tricia Thornton-Wells at Vanderbilt, and an equally-interesting poster on early visual processing of valid currency.  If I can get author permission, expect to hear a great deal more about these in the coming weeks.

This afternoon I’ll be wandering around the poster floor and exhibitor booths.  If you see a poster you think I’d enjoy, or you yourself would like me to come check out your work, feel free to comment below or contact me on twitter (@M_ostlyHarmless, hashtag #sfn09).  I’m looking forward to providing more complete and satisfying coverage when I return later this week.



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